Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP), a non-profit organization, founded in 1999 and committed to help cancer patients and their families to get through their long and arduous journey of cancer treatment. Since its inception, FOCP has delivered moral and financial support and treatment and care access to cancer patients and their families, residing in the UAE. Furthermore, FOCP plays an active role in raising awareness and promoting the importance of early detection of cancer through its various community programs.
In partnership with the United Nations Population Fund – Arab States Regional Office (UNFPA-ASRO)  and in collaboration with WHO, Friends of Cancer Patients is hosting the 3rd Sharjah Cervical Cancer Forum in 2023 (3rd CCF 2023), titled: “Turning Point on Cervical Cancer Elimination and HPV Vaccine: Signposts & Directions” in the Emirate of Sharjah to address the actions & collaborations needed in order to tackle cervical cancer and save countless lives across the region.

The 2 Days Virtual Forum will be conducted on the 25th & 26th of January with the following main objectives:

I.   Build on the 1st and 2nd Sharjah cervical cancer forums and their outcomes (Sharjah declaration 3×3 and Sharjah deceleration 2.0), to establish Sharjah as a global hub for cervical cancer elimination advocacy.
II.  Present the initial outcome of the ‘Monitoring Framework on Cervical Cancer’ and address possible recommendations.
III. Provide a regional forum for concerned stakeholders, policymakers, and cervical societies representatives to examine the current status and the progress towards the WHO cervical cancer elimination strategy.
IV.  Showcasing ‘Best Practices’ towards the adaptation of WHO cervical cancer elimination strategy.
V.   Suggest a design for the way forward to ensure cervical cancer is prioritized among non-communicable diseases that require consolidated action in the Arab region.

We look forward to your attendance.

Best Regards,

H.E Sawsan Jafar
Chairperson, Board of Directors,
Friends of Cancer Patients, UAE.

Monitoring & Evaluation Framework to Track the Progress of Cervical Cancer Elimination in the Region
Progress of the Six Pilot Countries Towards the Elimination of Cervical Cancer
What is Needed for Successful Scale-up of Cervical Cancer Prevention Strategies?
Update on Regional Cervical Cancer Elimination Strategy
Embracing a women’s health lens in support to cervical elimination efforts: A perspective from the East Mediterranean Region
Emerging innovations to support elimination of cervical cancer
Advocacy & Partnerships: Mobilizing for Effective Cervical Cancer Prevention
Communication Strategies to Raise Awareness, Improve Social Acceptance & Ensure Success of Elimination Efforts
Youth Voices: Lessons learnt from NCD prevention and control that can be applied to Cervical Cancer Prevention
Importance of Early Screening & Impact of Communication Delays
HPV Vaccination Programs & Cervical Cancer Screening Programs in the Region
Countries’ Experiences: Lessons, Challenges & Future Prospects
Reflections of the Third Sharjah Cervical Cancer Forum & the way forward

The 3rd Sharjah Cervical Cancer Forum is accredited by the

Dubai Health Authority with 9 CME hours.

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